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Millhouse Farm, Clonlisk, Shinrone,
Birr, Offaly R42 YF38
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Irish Times

“Shrubs are what was a traditional drinking vinegar. The word shrub comes from a Hindi word which means “to quench” and they found their way to Ireland during the Middle Ages. Back then they would have been made using ‘rotting’ crab-apples or verjuice, but we use a local organic apple cider vinegar.”

Greene’s wild shrubs are made with foraged wild berries, flowers, herbs and crab-apples picked on her family farm. They can be sipped – vinegar is the new green juice in some circles, ask Megan Fox and model Miranda Kerr – or used in dressings, in marinades and as a seasoning.

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Farmers Journal

The cupboards of the Greene family kitchen are full of concoctions – rosehip syrup, honeysuckle shrub, meadowsweet pot – foraged from the fields and hedgerows of their 50-acre farm and preserved with love and care.

And thanks to their business, The Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers – which won the All-Ireland Farmers’ Market competition last weekend – they are now sharing their twist on tradition with a new generation.

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But if their attention to detail is microscopic, their canvas is enormous: on the 50 acres, there are 20 miles of hedgerow to pore over. 20 miles! Mile after mile of budding fruit, of berries, of seed heads.

The Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers is a precious venture. The Greenes produce precious potions, forgotten foods. But they don't just brighten our breakfast bowls and dinner plates. They also reveal to us what we overlook, they make tangible what we disregard.

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Good Food Ireland

A couple who love their land and it’s natural bounty. That’s the secret to success for a unique range of preserves from The Wild Irish Foragers and Preservers. Sharon and Gordon Greene have an inherent love for the countryside and tradition.

Their marriage is not just in name, but in a perfectly balanced like minded ethos for artisan production. Gordon is The Forager, a man who believes he is a Caretaker of the land - not a Cultivator of the land. Sharon is The Preserver, converting his seasonal hauls of wild berries, fruits, flowers and herbs, into unique preserves, using time honoured recipes from a history bank of old food heritage.
The Wild Irish Foragers and Preservers range represents a time of old, with some truly magical concoctions.

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McKennas' Guides

The Wild Irish, the company Ms Greene has created with her husband, Gordon, takes that passion, and then makes it magnificently palatable, funkily delicious.

Ms Greene translates the wild of the hedgerow, she curates the fruit of the forage, and offers it up for us. Taste the Wild Irish products – the dandelion flower preserve, the Pontack, the potions made from rosehips, from hawthorn, from honeysuckle and more – and you taste the elixir of the ages.

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