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Our Top 10 Uses For Elderberry Syrup

1. Added to Hot Beverages:

Elderberry Syrup adds a punch of flavour to hot drinks. Need your daily caffeine fix? Pour a dash of syrup in your coffee, espresso or cappuccino. If you’re looking for a calming end to the day, add some to your nightly cup of tea. Elderberry syrup compliments the flavour of Earl Grey tea and chamomile. By combining the syrup and tea you get a pleasant, healthy nightcap.


2. Added to Cold Beverages:

Your morning orange juice can boast added health uses with Elderberry Syrup benefits by adding a dash or two. Vitamin C plus elderberry antioxidants makes for a yummy and smart morning drink!

Don’t like orange juice? Try adding the syrup to other juices. Other ways that people like to enjoy their Elderberry Syrup are in sparkling water and lemonade..

3. Added to Smoothies:

If you enjoy smoothies after a hard workout or on a hot summer’s day this may be your preferred way to take elderberry. Elderberry blends nicely with other ingredients for a smooth, delicious and healthy drink.

4. Make Your Own Ice Cubes:

Elderberry ice cubes add subtle flavour to any beverage. As the ice cubes melt your drink becomes full of antioxidants and subtle, but delicious berry taste! (Or try tossing those ice cubes into your smoothies, above.)

5. On Top of Ice Cream:

Pour a spoonful of Elderberry Syrup on top of vanilla ice cream. Mix it together with your spoon, and your ice cream becomes a blended sweet and tart dessert. My kids say that Elderberry Syrup on strawberry ice cream is incredible.

6. Splashed into an Adult Beverage: 

If you need a little kick with your antioxidants try mixing Elderberry Syrup into your favourite cocktail. The Syrup adds a new twist to the usual screwdriver, gin & tonic, champagne and many others! (And let’s face it, the drink starts to look a lot more exciting and interesting than it already did!)

7. Added to your Favourite Breakfast Food:

Oatmeal, cereal and pancakes all benefit from this berry flavor. Poured on top of these meals, the Syrup adds a burst of berries (and added health!) to your morning.

8. Try Topping Your Fruit Parfait: uses for Elderberry Syrup

Looking for a sweet but healthy dessert?(see NOTES section for recipe) Look no further than the Elderberry Syrup fruit parfait. Layer your yogurt and fruit as desired, but add a splash of Syrup. You get the antioxidant fruit and the yogurt probiotics for a wellness treat.

9. Mixed into Your Favourite Salad or Salad Dressing: 

Because... well, it's just so mouth-wateringly delicious :)

10. Straight From The Spoon:  

As with many things nothing can beat the direct approach. If you’re in a rush or simply like to enjoy the taste of Elderberry unadulterated, take your daily dose of Elderberry Syrup straight from the spoon. A spoonful a day makes for a happy, healthy immune system.

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