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A tart, savoury jelly.

Made using handpicked berries from the Mountain Ash Tree, homemade Crabapple Pectin and a touch of Sage.
Tradtionally used to accompany Game Meats, Sweetmeats etc.


An intense flavour from the heart of the wild summer boglands.

Suggested Uses. Excellent as a Ham Glaze. Beautiful with Ice Cream. Wonderful added to Puddings, Yoghurts etc. Sparks memories of childhood when used as a spread on thick crusty homemade brown bread


A rich, sweet, spicy jelly.

Made using handpicked Hawthorn berries, homemade Crabapple Pectin and a “secret” combination of spices. Traditionally used spread on warm soda bread or currant cake but just as nice with a fresh sourdough loaf or toasted bagels.


An old traditional recipe using a homemade Crabapple pectin infused with the delicate aromas & flavours of the Elderflower

Suggested Uses:
Excellent with Cold Meats. Lovely with Cheese. Amazing with Lamb/Pork.


Excellent drizzled over Soft Goats Cheese. 

Traditionally known as "Poor Mans Honey". Made using handpicked Dandelion Petals & resulting mild flavour & texture of honey. A special little pot with so many uses as a pantry staple.


A delicious and flavourful fruit cheese.

Handpicked Wild Damsons create a rich and intense Fruit Cheese which can be sliced thinly & enjoyed meats, salads and more. Try it with with Turkey, Chicken, Cold Meats, Salads, Cheese, and Puddings.


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