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A traditional Crabapple Jelly recipe with an added chilli "kick"

Excellent with cheeses, salads or any meats. Also adds that little oomph to yoghurt or ice cream


A honey-like flavour from the Wild Meadows.

Excellent with all Cheeses.
Also the perfect accompaniment for Cold Meats or for use in Baking


A combination of tart Sloes & tangy Crabapples create this old traditional flavour.

Enjoy with red meat, game and strong cheese.
Also great as a sauce base for red meat, such as lamb chops.


Delicate, handpicked petals from the Whin/Furze/Gorse Bush.

This is an Old Traditional Recipe, delicious with cold meats & cheeses.
Exceptional as a cereal or warm pancake topping.


Delicately sweet flavour of wild rosehips

This pot is absolutely delightful with Pork.
It is also just as good on toast as it is with any of your favourite roast meats.


Rich, dark flavour of Wild Elderberries.

An autumnal jelly made with the gem-like fruits of the elder.
The perfect accompaniment for game dishes or any roast meats & cheeses.


A tart, savoury jelly.

Made using handpicked berries from the Mountain Ash Tree, homemade Crabapple Pectin and a touch of Sage.
Tradtionally used with Game Meats, Sweetmeats etc.


An intense flavour from the heart of the wild summer boglands.

Suggested Uses. Excellent as a Ham Glaze. Beautiful with Ice Cream. Wonderful added to Puddings, Yoghurts etc. Sparks memories of childhood when used as a spread on thick crusty homemade brown bread


A rich, sweet, spicy jelly.

Made using handpicked Hawthorn berries, homemade Crabapple Pectin and a “secret” combination of spices. Traditionally used spread on warm soda bread or currant cake but just as nice with a fresh sourdough loaf or toasted bagels.


Pontack is a 300-year-old Elderberry reduction recipe created by a Monsieur Pontack who opened the first eating house/restaurant in Lombard St, London known as The Pontack Arms. 

Pontack was originally developed for use with game meats but it also makes a lovely salad dressing mixed with good oil, can be drizzled over roasted vegetables or a little drop added to stews/gravies for a richness of flavour. Quite nice to drizzle a wee drop over poached pears & stilton. Pontack is best used sparingly as a little goes a long way. BLAS Na hEIREANN "CHEFS CHOICE" AWARD 2017


An old traditional recipe using a homemade Crabapple pectin infused with the delicate aromas & flavours of the Elderflower

Suggested Uses:
Excellent with Cold Meats. Lovely with Cheese. Amazing with Lamb/Pork.


Excellent drizzled over Soft Goats Cheese. 

Traditionally known as "Poor Mans Honey". Made using handpicked Dandelion Petals & resulting mild flavour & texture of honey. A special little pot with so many uses as a pantry staple.


A delicious and flavourful fruit cheese.

Handpicked Wild Damsons create a rich and intense Fruit Cheese which can be sliced thinly & enjoyed meats, salads and more. Try it with with Turkey, Chicken, Cold Meats, Salads, Cheese, and Puddings.


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